Gangchil is a Centre for Creativity and Culture

The word gangchil is a vernacular name for a species of bird, a kind of river kite close to seagull that is common in riverine Bengal. It’s presence is also widely found in the folktales of Bengal starting from ancient mythology, folklores, traditional songs to popular poems of our time. As such, it is an appropriate name matching with the spirit of this Institute that mostly deals with folk music and culture.

The main object of the Institute is to study, cultivate and work on country music- both traditional and contemporary, to prepare papers and articles based on research and to organize discussions with live demonstrations on country music.

It has also been taking active part in the Music Festivals of Bengal (Bangla Sangit Mela, Bhasha-Shahid-Dibas, Banga Sanskriti Utsab etc.) every year and has earned a name with applaud from the audience everywhere under the inspiring leadership and guidance of Ranjan Prasad, who is the main motivating personality behind the Institute since it’s formation.

So, in harmony with the themebird, this small band of country bards can spread their musical wings to sail and fly across the narrow borders to a large horizon of humanity, the motto being- “ think globally , work locally”.

Architect with banjo on his knee: "is an architect by profession and a poet, composer and country musician by passion. A combination of varied talents , Ranjan Prasad, as he is popularly known, is a renowned town planner, a musician and a writer of short stories for children"
- (The Asian Age, 12 December 1997)