(A) Architecture and Planning:

(i) The causes and remedies of urban decay (Journal of the Institute of Town Planners).
(ii) Architecture of Writers Buildings in Architects vision. (West Bengal A well known magazine published by Govt. of W.B.)
(iii) From Stone Age to Plastic age (Radio talk on AIR)
(iv) Hundred years of Sky Scrapers (Paribartan)
(v) Nagarayan the effects of urbanization (Paribartan) and many others.
(B) Literature:

(i) Mahadeber Bishan selected short stories (Prakash Bhawan)
(ii) Dak Bungalowr Chowkidar short stories (Punascha)
(iii) Kishore Galpa Sanchayan short stories (National Book Agency)
(C) Music:

(i) Pathe Prantare (Disc : HMV) Own Lyric, Music, Voice and Art Direction
(ii) Jharer Sanket (Cassette: EBI) Own Lyric, Music, Voice and Art Direction
(iii) Nagar Bedwin (Cassette: Sagarika Acoustinonics) Own Lyric, Music, Voice and Art Direction
(iv) Mahanagar Chariye (Cassette & CD : HMV) Own Lyric, Music and Art Direction, Voice self with other eminent singers in a multistar album.
Sudhu aabeg noy: Ek dike nagarer, anyodike aronnyer. Aabar shona jabe Ranjan Prasader gaan.
( Anandabazar Patrika, 31 May, 2003)